Ladang Ternakan Prudence Sdn Bhd
20, Jalan IKS M6,
Taman IKS Merdeka,
75350 Batu Berendam,
Melaka, Malaysia.
Lot. 1769,
Estate Bukit Bertam,
Jalan Linggi - Lubuk Cina,
71300 Rembau,
Negeri Sembilan,

High-Technology & Quality Control

Automated Poultry Care

LTP using the latest technology to care for our hens in order to ensure the safety, freshness & quality of LTP eggs.
  • Feed Production
    The fully automated & computerized feed-mill system ensures consistent quality production of feed. The specially formulated feed enhance the quality of the eggs production. The feed is strictly inspected by our quality control team.

  • Poultry Coops
    The temperature & humidity in the poultry coops are carefully regulated by an automated cooling & ventilation system to keep our hens comfortable and healthy. Coops are also equipped with fully automated feeding and drinking system. Besides, an automated manure collection system removes waste promptly for recycling into fertilizer.
  • Eggs Collection
    The very moment our eggs are laid, they are collected instantly to ensure the freshness of the eggs. They are then transferred to a central packing area where they are carefully checked.
  • Grading
    The eggs are then carefully sorted & graded by weight by eggs grading machine.
Speedy Delivery

Freshly laid, packed & sent to our retailers & customers by our own delivery team.

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